Recent Comments and Feedback

We want to thank all the Parents and Carers for their feedback over the years. These are some of the comments that have been sent in who have used the services provided by Noak Bridge Pre-school.

Billy had a brilliant time. He was so excited and full of it when he came home. Couldn’t wait to tell us everything he had been doing and took a lot of persuasion to wash off his face paint! Lol
Annie, Very Pleased Mum
My son Alfie has attended Noak Bridge Pre-school since the age of 2. The staff are amazing and nothing is to much trouble. Alfie has come on in leaps and bounds since attending there and is well and truly ready for school. They have a well balanced structure between teaching and play. They have a Breakfast and After school club for parents that need their child cared for longer than the normal school day or even for a one off when you have that unexpected appointment. I have used this facility many times, and again the staff are great with the Children. I am sure my son would camp out and stay there if he could!
Sam, Satisfied Mummy
My daughter has attended the Pre-school for 10 months now, she had trouble with the whole separation from mummy and still has a wobble now from time to time but the staff are great, they always manage to distract her with something so she doesn’t get upset when I leave! When I pick her up she’s always so happy and says she’s had great fun at school. Rosie-May is always talking about her teachers and the friends that she has made since being at Pre-school which is lovely to hear as It puts my mind at ease to know she is ok when she is there! The staff are great and always on hand if you have any concerns.
Karen, A Happy Mummy

“The staff are fantastic and build excellent partnerships with the parents to help develop and support the children”

I’m a father of three who has been living in Noak Bridge for 6 years. My eldest started attending the Pre-School 4 years ago, and I joined the committee 3 years ago. Since then my eldest daughter and son have been through the Pre-School and are now attending the primary school. My youngest daughter will start at the Pre-School in 2 years time. I feel strongly that the Pre-School is a vital part of the community. The staff are fantastic and build excellent partnerships with the parents to help develop and support the children. I’m proud to be associated with the Pre-School.
Ed Hughes, A Proud Father
My son loves attending Noak Bridge Pre-School. He is always eager to go to Pre-School and reluctant to leave, often asking if he can stay on. My son has learned a lot during his time in the setting and regular meetings with staff means that we are well informed about his progress so he will be well prepared to start big school later this year. The staff are delightful and that makes for happy children and families.
Liz Ciss, A Delighted Mum
We would love to hear from Parents/Carers regarding their experiences with Noak Bridge Pre-School. Please feel free to send us your feedback.