Meet Our Team

Charlotte Stafford
Charlotte StaffordManager
My passion is being part of children’s learning and knowing that I can make a difference with the experiences I can offer to them.
Jordan Morris
Jordan MorrisDeputy Manager and SENCO
I love watching the children grow and develop new skills. It gives me a sense of pride to know I aided a child to learn new things.
Marian Deacon
Marian DeaconSenior Practitioner
I am hard working and dedicated to helping the children in my key group to settle quickly and enjoy watching them grow in confidence.
Linda Wolfendale
Linda WolfendaleSenior Practitioner
My job is incredibly rewarding and I am constantly amazed on a daily basis how children grow and learn to their unique ways.
Kathryn Llewelyn
Kathryn LlewelynLead Practitioner & Out of School Supervisor
Samantha Gill
Samantha GillPractitioner
I enjoy working with the children and their families and I am really looking forward to working with you in the new term.
Sheila Johal
Sheila JohalPractitioner
I love watching the way Children learn and gain new experiences through their play and think I have the best job in the world.
Kellie Mulchinock
Kellie MulchinockPractitioner
As a practitioner I strive to ensure that all the children within our setting are included, feel safe and secure.
Lisa Jervis
Lisa JervisPractitioner
Watching the children learn and experience new things is all part of their education and most importantly fun.
Carly Brown
Carly BrownPractitioner
My aim is for children to thrive and learn though play so that they have the best possible start in their education Journey.
Claire Healy
Claire HealyPractitioner
Taylor Bunn
Taylor BunnApprentice Practitioner
I enjoy working with children who have additional needs and contributing to their development is amazing.
Louise Matin
Louise MatinApprentice Practitioner
Working with children in Early Years is something I have always wanted to do and is so rewarding.
Katherine Hurcombe
Katherine HurcombePractitioner
I love working with children, it is so rewarding to see children grow and learn in such as short space of time.
Allison PatersonPractitioner


If you are interested in working as part of our dynamic and caring team and you feel this is the setting for you then please send us your CV via email and contact us on 01268 281316
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Our Committee

We are a committee run Pre-School meaning, alongside the management team, the committee make decisions for the best interest of the Pre-School. The committee is made up of a group of volunteer parents who dedicate their time and knowledge to aiding the management team in the running of the preschool.

Meetings are regularly held with the management team where important discussions about the Pre-School’s future take place. Every year there is an Annual General Meeting where current parents can be elected onto the committee.
Once the committee is established they are responsible for a number of things including;-Managing our finances; Making sure that we have, and work to, policies that help us to provide a high quality service; Making sure that we work in partnership with parents.

If you would like to volunteer then please email

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